Fashion for children autumn-winter season 2017-2018 absorbed many of the trends of adult fashion. But at the same time she made an amendment to the children’s character and added a little mischief, humor and even a little hooliganism to the collection! What is in fashion in the fall of 2017, in the winter of 2018 for teenagers, girls and boys 11-12 years of age and older, toddlers and children of primary school age? In this article – teenage fashion and fashion for kids, the most stylish items of the autumn-winter season are 2017-2018, which is now in fashion for children, a photo showing designer children’s clothes and a collection of the new brand season: Dolce & Gabbana, United Colors of Benetton, Dsquared² , Sarabanda, Mayoral, Monnalisa and others.

Designers have provided everything: fun parties and weekends in nature, school weekdays and “adult” celebrations. Couturiers “play” with expensive fabrics and complex textures, but do not forget about bright colors, and funny prints.

So, what are the most popular fashion trends for kids and schoolchildren?

  • Back to school!
  • Velvet
  • Logos
  • Cell
  • Strip
  • Flowers
  • Denim
  • Sports cache
  • Leather Jacket
  • Down jackets and quilted jackets
  • Knitwear
  • Fur
  • Original prints
  • Shiny materials
  • Multilayer

Back to school:

Back to school

In the new academic year, designers offer all schoolchildren and college students the style of the college: stripes and cages in clothes, thin cardigans and pullovers, laconic design jeans and sweaters with zippers.




Surprisingly beautiful, luxurious and aristocratic velvet, surprisingly, very harmoniously looks and in children’s clothes: little gentlemen in suits “like a daddy” and young ladies in exquisite velvet dresses evoke tenderness and admiration!



Logomania struck children’s fashion. Designers decorated with their monograms and logos in the form of embroidery, prints and applications everything that they could!



Tartan became the most fashionable cage in children’s collections. In some places there is a two-color “chess” and a black-and-white “goose-paw”, but still “Scotch” is an unconditional leader!




A strip will also be popular – mostly multicolored.




Flowers in the autumn-winter collections are just a huge amount! They covered not only the seasonal light chiffon dresses, but also jackets, trousers, hats, shoes, handbags and even tights!




Traditionally, there are a lot of jeans items in children’s collections. Absolutely all brands represented jeans, shirts, jackets and denim jackets. Fashionable bar-applications, patches, embroidered buttons, original prints and combinations with other materials.


Sports Casual:

Sports Casual

Style casual sport in children’s clothes looks just great! Fervent, impudent, hooliganous, but at the same time so comfortable and cozy! What does the fashionable children’s bow look like in sports-style? Jeans, cargo pants or pants with stripes, sneakers or boots, sweatshirt or jacket with a zipper, a loose pullover, a jacket-bomb or a down jacket. And if you replace the usual jeans with “ragged”, and the jacket in a sports style with leather, you will get an original image with grunge elements.


Leather Jacket:

Girls designers are recommended to play on contrasts: leather coats with a lace or chiffon dress. But the boys can choose a jacket with bright patches – to have fun. Or put on a strict black jacket for classic pants and a shirt with a tie.


Down jackets and quilted jackets:

Down jackets and quilted jackets

In autumn, the most fashionable will be a blown jack-puffer or a thin quilted jacket. But for winter you will need a warm down jacket! Options – the sea! With a hood and without, from shiny or printed materials, with a fur coat or combined – for everyone, from small to large!




Pullovers with bright prints or textured patterns, warm jacquard sweaters and tunics, fluffy knitted coats and knitted bomber jackets, jumpers and sweaters with zippers – both autumn and winter will be warm and cozy!


Fur and plush:

Fur and plush

In children’s collections fur, of course, is artificial. But it looks like real! In “girlish” coats, jackets and waistcoats – stylish and luxurious, and in “bestial” jackets for boys – fun and funny! By the way, fur, as in adults, is not only on clothes, but also on shoes.


Original prints:

Cold season – not a reason to be bored! Designers offer a smile and put on something with an unusual and bright print. Girls will obviously like cat and dog, but the boys modelers offer sports, car and … royal themes!


Brilliant materials:

As in adults, golden dresses with golden brocade gleaming, “royal” jackets, bags with rhinestones, sequins on a pullover and even a sports jacket with a cold metallic shine.



The main problem of caring mothers – what to wear on your child, so that it is not frozen, and not sweated? The correct solution is a layered outfit. In this case, you can always take something off. And you can combine not only different things, but also completely different materials! Try it – it’s convenient and very stylish!