If you do not hold the secret of the elixir of eternal youth or know the exact location of the fountain of youth, find out how to keep your complexion fresh, younger and longer! You are given 10 tips to fight wrinkles effectively.

Flexibility, doll complexion … At 40, we all dream of finding the skin of our 20 years. Prevention is better than cure, from 20-25 years old, we offer a care adapted to the area of ​​the face most prone to the first wrinkles: the eye contour. If it’s a little late, do not panic, some ranges specially designed for women over 40 offer targeted care to fill the signs of age.


Moisturize your skin copiously

First step to adopt to delay the appearance of the first wrinkles: hydration at high doses.

But among all the creams on the market, it’s hard to make a choice. The essential ingredients: antioxidants (vitamins C, E or selenium for example), which protect the skin from external aggressions, such as pollution or UV. The fruit acids are used to give a boost to the skin, thanks to the peeling effect they provide and the stimulation of the collagen production they allow.

Choose your skincare according to your skin type of course (nourishing for dry skin, mattifying for more mixed to oily) and consider using a complementary treatment for the risk area around the eye. Thinner, therefore more fragile, the skin is particularly vulnerable and it is often there that appear first wrinkles dehydration. Choose a fluid formula and apply it, morning and evening, well above the brow bone and then following the orbit of the eye.


Discover mesotherapy

The Mesotherapy is a medical technique that involves injecting a cocktail of vitamins and minerals into the skin to stimulate collagen directly on the treatment area. Recognized as an effective way to reduce wrinkles, it is also available as a cosmetic home treatment. Laboratoires Surface-Paris have designed Meso-Glow , a five-week course that combines deep hydration and stimulation of collagen in the skin. Combined with mesoroller (a small device equipped with micro-needles), the serum easily penetrates the epidermis to deeply nourish the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. An ideal cure for urban women, whose skin undergoes the harmful effects of pollution.


Clean and cleanse your face daily

Every morning, remove with the help of a tonic or micellar water all the small impurities that dull the complexion: a simple and effective way to prepare the skin to receive serum and day cream. On the other hand, in the evening, make a make-up removal in the rules of the art (with a milk if your skin is dry and a foaming gel if it is more fat), followed by a tonic to eliminate the last residues of make-up .

Thus, your skin will be perfectly “uncleaned” pollutants and your anti-wrinkle cream will act more effectively …


Heal your diet

Preserve your youth capital by nibbling? An idea not necessarily so absurd, provided you know how to choose food ad hoc! On the menu: five fruits and vegetables a day obviously, but we also opt for products rich in anti-oxidants (raspberries, green tea, apricots, cherries, artichokes, beets, cabbages, avocado, tomatoes etc.) and omega 3 (salmon , olive and nut oil, tuna, spinach etc.). Result: a younger skin and a diet also more balanced!


Protect yourself effectively from the sun

Enemy enemy of the skin: the Sun God. And for good reason, its UVA and UVB rays – penetrating into the skin – cause lesions inside the cells, damaging the collagen and elastin fibers and thus causing a phenomenon of photo-aging (premature aging of the skin). skin). To face its inconveniences, provide you with a sunscreen adapted to your skin type (ex: SPF 50 for light skin , 30 for brunettes with matte skin and 20 for black epidermis), re-apply the product every two hours and avoid exposures between 12h and 16h.


Massage your Face

Nothing like a facial massage to relax the features and smooth the fine lines. Used gently during the application of the cream, it boosts its effectiveness.

– To fight the crow’s feet, draw small circles around your eyes with your finger.

– To blur the horizontal lines of the forehead, make a repeated movement from the center of the forehead to the temples.

– For inter-eyebrow wrinkles, move from the nostrils to the maxillary bone, from the corner of the mouth to the maxillary bone, and from the center of the chin, always to the maxillary bone.


Drink Enough Water

One liter of water a day, no less! A simple, practical and economical way to forget gray complexion and skin too prematurely wrinkled, and display a fresh and pulpy skin all year round …


Sleep Well Daily

It is proven, in women, poor sleep speeds up the aging of the skin. According to a dermatological study conducted in the United States, there is indeed a close relationship between sleep and skin health. Good quality sleep gives the skin a better ability to self-repair and recover from the various stresses it may experience, while a bad night causes more fine lines, more pigmentation differences, and a greater loss of elasticity. We therefore take advantage of his long and good nights of daily sleep to apply a specific anti-aging cream .


Protect Yourself

Pollution, alcohol, tobacco is taboo for the skin too. Indeed, all of them alter the continuous microcirculation and cause premature aging of the skin that becomes dry, dull and wrinkled.

It can never be repeated enough, having a healthy lifestyle is the key to many problems.