Nowadays, there are very few people who are concerned about buying a camera. After all, in the end, if you have an expensive Smartphone, then, of course, it also has a camera capable of perfectly shooting, and for some it’s quite enough.

But for most people, the cameras in their phones are not yet those devices that can create images worthy of their photo album, and this is the case when it is worth thinking about buying a separate camera.

That is, a device that offers many opportunities and creative control of the process of photographing. For example, through a system of interchangeable lenses, the possibility of self-selection of flash parameters, the availability of different shooting modes, and automatic, and completely manual.

Each camera has different control over all these functions, so it is not so easy to choose the most suitable device for taking pictures.

So, in the following we consider a few cameras that are most successful in our opinion. Including cameras such as “compact”, with interchangeable optics and digital SLR cameras with one lens, often called simply DSLR-cameras, from the English “Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera”.

Of course, all the devices discussed below are in completely different price ranges. Although some cheap cameras may be good, they still will not give you such a high degree of control over the shooting process, which provides more expensive models.

But it will be fair to note that each camera from our top will offer you more features than the one currently in your Smartphone.


5 best cameras of 2018:

Sony A9:

Sony A9

The best camera – Sony A9

Being able to attract the attention of even the most ardent devotees of such professional DSLR-devices as Nikon and Canon , Sony A9 leads, when it comes to impressive technologies.

If you are involved in sports, like wildlife and want to capture objects in motion, then having the ability to shoot at full resolution of 20 frames per second with automatic focus tracking and, moreover, absolutely noiselessly, you can, with Sony A9, capture those moments that miss your friends, with conventional DSLR cameras.

Other specifications of the Sony A9 include: a 24.2-megapixel full-frame photosensitive matrix, a viewfinder that works without blackout even when shooting at ultra-high speeds, and an obliquely positioned touch screen.

The biggest disadvantage of Sony A9 is the price of this device, but you do get something serious and impressive for your money.

  • Pros: super-fast shooting
  • Cons: high price
  • Price: $ 5612 USD.


GoPro Hero 6 Black:

GoPro Hero 6 Black

The best action camera – GoPro Hero 6 Black

The terms “camera action” and ” GoPro ” are often considered interchangeable when it comes to the current flagship model of Hero6, demonstrating to all who are the king of this market segment.

This unit has many exciting features, including 4K video at 60 frames per second plus improved image stabilization (which you can use up to 4K mode at 30 frames per second). Automatically changing the exposure time required for sudden changes in illumination and provided with improvements made to the camera is carried out at the highest level. And this gives confidence that all your adventures during the trip will be fixed without problems.

There are literally dozens of compatible accessories GoPro , the presence of which, together with the new application QuikStories make Hero6 just a dream video blogger.

Of course, you have to pay a premium price for all these technologies, but when you get such a powerful device as GoPro Hero 6 Black in hand, you will realize that it has an excellent price-quality ratio.

  • Pros: Image stabilization, waterproof without housing
  • Cons: Price
  • Price: 683 USD.


Panasonic GX80:

Panasonic GX80

The best compact camera – Panasonic GX80

For those who are looking for their first camera with a replaceable lens, you can advise the Panasonic GX80 camera, which is a versatile multifunctional device that does not take up too much space in your bag, and certainly will not cost more than your small fortune.

By purchasing a Panasonic GX80 camera with a very small lens designed for a standard 12-32 mm lens kit, you’ll find that its dimensions are slightly larger than that of a compact camera. But the best choice is the Micro Four Thirds mount system, which provides compatibility with a wider range of lenses if you suddenly need them.

The quality of the image exceeds what the camera provides for your Smartphone. There are a number of other useful features, including an inclined touch screen, a viewfinder and Panasonic 4K Photo shooting mode.

  • Pros: 4K photos and video
  • Cons: Small viewfinder
  • Price: 750 USD.


Canon EOS 200D:

Canon EOS 200D

The best “DSLR” for beginners – Canon EOS 200D

In a world where dimensions without mirror cameras, so small enough, Canon did its best to reduce the size of 200D even more. As a result, the smallest and lightest digital single-lens reflex camera in the world was created, equipped with a touch screen on the hinge and according to the standards of DSLR-cameras, which is certainly just tiny.

Perhaps more importantly, when you purchase the Canon EOS 200D, you get both excellent Canon image quality supplied by the APS-C sensor and a number of features that should be liked by those who are just starting to work with DSLR cameras. The advantages of the 200D include an optical viewfinder, full manual control and a sufficient number of dials and buttons to satisfy you without overloading with information.

Once you get to the Canon ecosystem, you will have access to a fairly large set of lenses and accessories that will convince you that the 200D is a great camera to get started.

  • Pros: Fully hinged screen
  • Cons: 90 percent viewfinder
  • Price: 631 USD.


Leica M10:

Leica M10

The best investment is Leica M10

In fairness, it’s worth saying that many people buy a Leica camera because of the prestige associated with the name of this brand. The classic red dot on the camera body speaks of a legacy of more than 100 years and symbolizes not only excellent image quality, but also the willingness of consumers to pay for it.

The M10 has only manual focus, so it takes some time to achieve good image sharpness, but when you do it, the results will be simply stunning. Having received beautiful color photos, looking as if they were being filmed, and with such a clear image, for which “you can die,” you cannot be unhappy with the quality of your pictures.

Although this is a relatively small camera, but it has an exceptionally high quality design. That is, if you even pour water on the M10 model, it can still outlive you, which probably makes it a very profitable investment in the long run.

  • Pros: Fantastic build quality
  • Cons: Only manual focus, no video

Price:  9647 USD.