If you spend a lot of time each morning to make your bows, trying to find the perfect combination of things, then you should think about choosing your own basic set of things

After all, if for each season pick up a stylish set of basic garments, ideally integrated into almost any bows, this will significantly shorten the duration of your morning fees. Here are some actual things today that can become the basis of your base wardrobe in the spring of 2018 season.

  1. Shirt of pure white color:

White shirt is a classic element of the basic wardrobe. Usually it is used to create business images, but this season designers decided to evade this stereotype. A snow-white shirt can be a wonderful addition to bright everyday bows. Against her background, the rest of the garments look impressive and fresh.


  1. Hoodies & sweatshirt:

This garment is an attribute of stylish bows over the past few seasons. A warm sweatshirt is ideal for the time of year with minimum temperature. It can be combined with almost all elements of the wardrobe: suits and coats of classic cut, trousers with wide trousers and skirts of medium length. If you like non-ordinary bows, then put on a hoodie in the style of oversize and high boots.


  1. Cozy sweater:

It is impossible to imagine a spring wardrobe, in which there is no soft and cozy sweater. Its shape and style can be absolutely any, but the choice of material should be approached very carefully. Nothing artificial, the yarn from which the sweater is made, must have a natural origin. Only natural materials are able to give comfort and protect from the cold, it is wool, cashmere, and cotton, viscose.


  1. Pants with wide trouser:

They can become the most versatile part in your wardrobe. It’s enough just to complement them with a turtleneck or a neutral t-shirt, and a stylish bow is ready. And the final element of the image will be a jacket.


  1. Large earrings:

This decoration is one of the most popular trends not only of this season, but also of recent years. In the age of SELFI, it’s difficult for anyone to surprise with bright makeup or intricately arranged hair, but great ornaments are the very accent that can emphasize individuality. Large earrings are able even in the most ordinary way to add a little holiday and style.


  1. Jacket:

Warm outerwear, which reliably protects against cold in the early spring, is perhaps the most important element of the basic wardrobe. In modern collections there are jackets that look incredibly stylish and harmonious even with such feminine garments as evening dresses, elegant trousers and medium-length skirts.


  1. Turtleneck in the base wardrobe:

For a basic wardrobe, a turtleneck of pure white is ideal. In it you will not only be comfortable, but the whole image will become more refined. For a business image, it can be combined with a strict costume, for a romantic date, with a stylish midi-length skirt, and a combination of a turtleneck of one of light colors and a loose shirt made of denim or checkered fabric is ideal for everyday use.


  1. Skirt-midi:

This is not only the most actual length of the skirt this season, but also the most suitable option for early spring. In a short skirt you can still freeze, and the long one can easily get dirty during a walk through the dirty streets. Midi skirts perfectly fit the owners of any shape and are easily combined with things of different styles. To avoid a hint of business style, integrate the midi skirt into images, the elements of which are far from the office dress code. For example, this model is easily combined with loose shirts, coarse shoes, multi-colored pantyhose and sweatshirts.


  1. Basic dress of knitwear:

Bright patterns are ideal for decorating summer outfits, but for the spring of 2018, something more neutral and minimalistic looks more preferable. For example, a monophonic knitted dress will perfectly suit the role of the basic detail of a stylish bow.


  1. Bottillon with a square heel:

Bottillon neutral shade – another indispensable attribute of the base wardrobe. They are easy to combine with business and evening, and with everyday clothing. A low and steady heel allows you to wear them all day long and do not feel any fatigue in your legs.