How to dress for work, if there is a strict dress code, and the desire to be elegant everywhere is laid in us by nature?

Business stylish clothes for women – this is a basic necessity for any self-respecting worker or office. What should be the wardrobe of a working woman, so that practicality is combined with the style and beauty we learn from this article!

Before turning to specific recommendations, let’s find out what a woman’s business style of clothes is.


A cut of stylish women’s business clothes:

Women’s clothing for the office does not imply strict adherence to fashion. Conservatism and classics – so you can characterize the styles of any suit, jacket or blouse. Changing details – the width of the collar, waist height, sleeve length or the presence of lapels on the jacket or trousers. However, the trends remain – the outfit should be neat, without undue emphasis on femininity.

Of course, not all office ladies are suitable, so designers are going to any tricks, just to make the formal dress code more attractive.

In the course are calibrated to a millimeter, sewn on which the suit will sit flawlessly, emphasizing the dignity and completely concealing any flaws in the figure, the original details – buttons, unusually processed loops and, of course, fabric.


Fabric texture:

Women’s stylish business clothing is different in the times of the year, like any other. Trousers for November-December, both in terms of workmanship and color, will not be the same as for March or April. But, despite the difference in density, composition and color, the material for sewing office clothes for women should not be crumpled and deformed.

The pledge of a well-seated business suit will be a quality fabric that holds the shape well. Therefore, it is better not to save on the manufacturer and give preference to proven brands.


Color of business clothes:

Compliance with the dress code assumes no more than 3 colors in the image.


In the cold season clothes can be monochromatic deep saturated colors: grisaille, burgundy, sapphire or chocolate. Black is best left to official events.

The fabric is appropriate for a discreet drawing close in color or different in texture. The reference variants are the boucle or crow’s feet from Chanel. A perfect blend will be a blouse of light shades.


In the summer and spring it is appropriate to come to the office in light suits: beige, melted milk, pearl gray.

If the dress code of the company allows, young women can choose a skirt or trousers of light pastel tones: mint, lavender, and pistachio. Jacket and blouse are selected in such a way that does not violate the rule of 3 colors, otherwise the image will be screaming.


Shoes – a stylish addition to a business suit:

Regardless of how we prefer to wear shoes in ordinary life, at work the necessary component of the business style are shoes with an average heel. The platform or hairpin looks defiant even in conjunction with the Puritan attire, and ballet flats will make the image too informal.

Heel from 3-5 cm is recognized as the most convenient and useful doctors, and in the office he creates the necessary atmosphere of concentration.


The consequences of shoes are pantyhose, necessary even in hot weather. Fortunately, manufacturers offer us very thin nylon products, whose density starts from 8 Dan, and the offices are air-conditioned.

Now that we know exactly what women’s business clothes should be, we will determine what to bring into the image is by no means impossible.


What should not be in office clothes?

Tightening clothes:

As we remember, office clothes are designed to maximize the manifestation of femininity, so as not to distract from the work of employees, so deep cuts, American armholes on dresses and sarafans, open back is strictly prohibited.


The abundance of rhinestones, beads, various applications – all this, of course, is very beautiful, but it does not correspond to the business style of clothing.

Open shoes:

In addition to heel height, there is an immovable rule of wearing closed shoes. Sandals, clogs, mules are inadmissible in the workplace, even as a replacement shoe.


Just as there should not be large jewelry on clothes, you cannot enter them into the image. So fashionable today, massive necklaces with large stones, rings or decorative collars are best left for gatherings with friends in a cafe.

Also expensive jewelry to put on the office is considered a mauve ton.


Stylish women’s business clothes. Examples of looks:

When we know exactly what should be in the image, and what should be strictly avoided, it is not difficult to choose the right set.


Pants, blouse & jacket:

The classic combination has long been recognized by office ladies as the most convenient, the main thing is to find the right cut of trousers.

Splashed models are best avoided, but straight or slightly narrowed will look appropriate and good. They emphasize the dignity of any figure, hide the imperfect hips and make the legs longer.

Straight trousers with a high waist fit well with a fitted jacket to the middle of the buttocks or a shortened jacket to the waist.

Blouse can be with a long sleeve and a beautifully designed lush bowknot. This will make the outfit gentler. Well, in summer, trousers are well complemented with a top without sleeves and a jacket over.

To make the image more stylish, we play on the contrast of fabrics. For example, tweed, thin wool or cashmere combines with satin, chiffon and thin silk.


Skirts, turtlenecks & jacket:

Like trousers, the skirt can be straight or narrowed. In the first case we have a classic costume version, in the second – a more spectacular skirt-pencil. However, we remember that it is not for everyone.

If the skirt is cut with a high waist, we complement it with a short jacket and a beautiful thin strap. A quality product made of dense fabric must have a lining. It will protect the skirt from deformation during sitting.

Decorate the blind gates of the turtleneck with a short string of pearls, a miniature neck scarf or an elegant pendant.

From a lush skirt, despite the actuality of the silhouette a-la 50’s better to give up. This image is called from every young lady to make a princess, so in the office it will not be appropriate.



As a stylish business dress, it is perfect, if not too fit shape. A neat cut with a small neckline, a skirt to the knee and a discreet fabric will make it ideal for office everyday life.

Dress is always good in that it eliminates the need to collect the image in parts. Therefore, it is better not to spare time for fitting – a few well-fitting dresses for a figure and outfits for the whole week are ready

As you can see, to look good at work, you just need not get too lazy and pick up beautiful women’s business clothes in the office. The secret of charm and attractiveness in a well-seated quality and appropriate suit!


With warmth and care,