Each mother would like her child to be dressed not only warmly and comfortably, but also stylishly, in accordance with the fashion trends. And this is right, because beautiful clothes form a child’s sense of taste and contribute to the aesthetic development of the baby. Picking clothes for your child, pay attention to the children’s fashion 2018, and your son or daughter will be the most stylish among their peers.


General trends of children’s fashion in 2018

Fashionable clothes for children in 2018 are executed mainly in street style. These are frayed jeans, tweed coats, sneakers, sneakers, rough shoes. On any of the elements of children’s clothing must be present print in the form of a clear picture or abstraction. This is sure to please your child, because he can choose the image of your favorite cartoon hero, animal or any other attractive print for him. At the same time, he will be a true fashionista.

Another trend of the children’s fashion in 2018 – geometric patterns in the form of rhombuses, strips, cells. The Scottish cage is very relevant: a dress of this kind will suit both for a trip to the children’s development center, and just for a walk.

Knitwear is also gaining popularity in the maiden and boyish fashion. Cardigans, sweaters, headdresses of large and medium mating are necessary elements of the wardrobe of small modes.

Classical aristocratic style while no one canceled: it is at the peak of popularity. If possible, always dress your child in a fashionable strict suit-three, a white shirt (if you have a son) or an evening dress (if you are the girl’s mother).


Colors of children’s clothing in 2018

The color scale of children’s fashionable clothes this year is truly boundless. You can choose any shade you like. After all, even the opinions of the couturier about the most important color for the season opened. So, the designers of the brand Miss Blumarine chose for girls traditional pink tones with floral prints. Yves Solomon insists on beige, gray-green, brown tones in the wardrobe of young ladies. Moshino in 2018 use when creating a maiden’s clothing mainly bright crimson color with cartoon prints.

Fashion trends in clothes for boys of the season spring-summer 2018 – marine style, “newspaper” prints, cage, as well as black and gold scale (Versace version).

Thus, you are not limited in the choice of colors for clothes. However, note that for very young children it is better to choose clothes of soft, pastel shades. After all, an overly bright wardrobe can lead to an overexcited mental state of the baby.


Children’s Fashion 2018: fabrics

Of course, children’s clothing should be made of natural fabrics. Especially it concerns those elements of the wardrobe, which come into contact directly with the skin of the Couturier’s child, this is understood, so the trend is natural fabrics: cotton, linen, silk. You can also choose for a small fashionist clothes from velor, jeans, cashmere, corduroy, knitwear. These fabrics are very relevant in the spring-summer season of 2018.


Trends for girls

In the early spring, small fashionistas boldly coat in fur coats of artificial fur or a jacket or (semi-) coat with a fur finish. While it’s cold outside, they’ll have time to show off in such elegant outer clothes. You can choose a head dress either for the color of clothes or for a radically different shade. The hats can be decorated with ears, pompons and other bright elements.

As soon as it gets warmer, buy sundresses, skirts, dresses, shorts for girls. If you want the girl to be truly fashionable – buy her a denim overall with scuffs, holes, patches. A leather or denim jacket will also make a young lady a real style icon for her contemporaries.

If a solemn event is planned (for example, a graduation in a kindergarten or an elementary school), or you go on a birthday party, dress a girl in a beautiful dress. It can be made of velvet, guipure, weightless organza, silk, gentle satin. The maiden dress can have a magnificent skirt, flying sleeves and even a train. In the decoration is admissible lace, various stones, as well as feathers, fur. The main thing when choosing a dress, remember the occasion, on the occasion of which the girl will put on this outfit. Then her image will not only be fashionable, but also relevant.


Trends for boys

In the cold season and early spring of 2018, down jackets remain the main garment for boys. They are comfortable and stylish, do not interfere with the movements of the little tomboy. By the way, if the child is very active, choose models of down jackets that cover part of the thigh – so the boy will be protected when riding from the slides, on sledges, skis and any other motor activity. Hat-earflap, popular this season, will be a perfect addition to the fashionable down jacket.

As already mentioned, the inscriptions and prints are the main trend of the children’s fashion of 2018, including the boyish one. Jeans with stripes, svitshots with inscriptions should be in the wardrobe of every boy.

Pay attention to accessories. Belt, suspenders, headgear are the elements that are able to turn the simplest image into the corresponding current trends. Do not forget about different types of headgear: a fashionable hat or a knitted cap will make your little son a real mod.

The classic costume can be worn both in traditional form and mix with sports elements, for example, sneakers. And in that and in another case your boy will look great.