Fashion accessories 2018, what will they be? On what already now it is necessary to pay attention to women of fashion? More details on how to supplement your image, we will now tell.

Accessories for women are indispensable attributes of her image. Today they include scarves and scarves, belts and bags, glasses, umbrellas, organizers, and even some kinds of ornaments. Such things give out their possessor from the general mass and give completeness to her onions. Sometimes it turns out that choosing a dress or a costume for a girl is much easier than picking up additional details to along. What are the fashion accessories of 2018 should be purchased by every fashionista – consider below.



Fashion Trends 2018:

So, the fashion trends in 2018 suggest several things. All these nuances are presented at the shows of famous couturiers and in the famous brands. The main features in the development of accessories in the new season are the following.

  1. Use of environmentally friendly materials as part of the program to protect the environment from the negative impact of industry.
  2. Decrease in specific weight of accessories made of genuine leather, replacement of material with high-quality eco-leather.
  3. Extravagance of objects of style. In fashion, continue to shock the people around her in her own way.
  4. Practicality of accessories.
  5. Color solutions are represented by a variety of options, but the main shades are powder, sand, pomegranate, denim color.


Autumn and winter: novelties:

For the autumn-winter period accessories are represented by the following items of the wardrobe:


These details of the image in the cold period are designed, first of all, to bring practical benefit, and only the second – the aesthetic.

Umbrellas in the new season are presented by various unusual shapes, bright colors and original prints. Actual umbrellas-canes, variations with a transparent large dome.

Designers in 2018 offer fashionistas an abundance of scarves for every taste. Various color solutions, a wide range of materials – from knitted muffler to accessories from natural and artificial fur. A distinctive feature of scarves this year was the fact that they are able to truly shock and attract attention.

Scarves in the style of the sixties of last century this fall and winter again in vogue. They look great both with a fur coat, and with a leather jacket. Bright monophonic or more muted with a pattern – they can be selected for any image.

Gloves in the new season can be as elongated, to the forearm, and shortened, covering not completely a brush. In the trend, leather perforated, and textile models with lace.


Spring – summer: trends of accessories:

Warm seasons demand from the designers of lightness and refinement in the approach to the design of accessories. Details of the image of these seasons are as follows:

  • Sun glasses and image glasses.
  • Hair accessories.

Image glasses are not the first season are popular among women of fashion all over the world. Unusual shapes and textures frames, options for everyday use and more extravagant models for the evening out – even the most demanding taste will be satisfied.

The eyeglass frames for vision are also developed by famous designers, and can bring ladies not only a medical benefit, but also an aesthetic pleasure in wearing them.

For sunglasses, the main trend is quality, the degree of protection of the eye from sunlight. In the design of the new season, they are represented by a variety of frames, a variety of colors of glass.

Jewelry – that’s probably the most important mast-hev for any girl in 2018. Bracelets, rings and earrings from artificial and precious metals will be an excellent addition to the wardrobe of the woman of fashion. This year, the main trend is the massiveness of such image details. Hyperbolized chains and pendants, volumetric bracelets, bulky rings – all this today is at the peak of popularity.

Speaking about accessories for hair, it should be noted that the fashionable solution of the season are rims, hoops and pearls from pearls. The stone can be artificial or natural, of various sizes and colors.


Off-season accessories:

To details, not so strongly subject to seasonality, it is possible to carry bags, thongs, wallets, organizers.

The most current belt models in 2018 are thin belts – chains, as well as textile models. The trend is not to fasten them, but to tie them on the belt. It is possible to wear two or even more belts at the same time.

Variations of fashion bags in the new season are “bags”, suitcases, backpacks and clutches. Often volumetric bags are made in the form of any object: a typewriter, a cake / cake, a little animal. Backpacks necessarily stand out for their brightness and unusual design.

In the trend, small handbags on the chains. Models can be both flat and volumetric: in the form of a barrel or a box.

Designers also widely replicated handbags, but not in the classic men’s style to which we are accustomed, but with women’s colorful designs.

Accessories – what gives a woman a sense of completeness of the image, and gives her in the eyes of others elegance and status. You need to select them not only in accordance with the fashion trends, but also in accordance with your own wardrobe.