Buying a pair of glasses is a very personal decision because you have to take into account new technologies and vision optimization techniques. Feeling good with your glasses is the priority. Your glasses should reflect your lifestyle – even enrich it – and adapt to your visual habits. Not to mention that your glasses must also reflect your personal style. Asking how many glasses you should have is just as personal as asking how many pairs of shoes you need.

But for many of us, it’s easier to choose a pair of shoes than a pair of glasses. That’s why it’s important to work with your optician when you buy. Your optician must behave professionally to determine the correction and type (s) of glasses you need. At Zeelool, they make it a point of honor to offer our opticians a wide range of glasses that stand out from the competition.

A design adapted to the needs of the wearers and characteristics that improve the lenses (such as hues, anti-glare treatments, hardening layers, etc.). We continue to invest in more modern and better glasses to specifically meet the needs of each wearer: Unifocal lenses or optimized lenses? It does not matter…


Perfect for All Situations: Everyday Glasses

Unifocal lenses or progressive lenses: you need a pair of glasses that optimizes your vision optimally! From the choice of lenses to its characteristics, through the selection of frames, do not leave anything to chance. Your glasses should become one of your most valuable assets, giving you comfort while providing optimal vision. Like a second skin, the frames must adapt to your personality, the features of your face and almost all of your outfits. They should not pinch your nose, be too heavy or lead to an allergic reaction. Everything must be perfect. With progressive lenses, the areas of vision must adapt to you and your vision.


A novelty for drivers: Zeelool lenses for driving. It is both a pair of everyday glasses and lenses optimized for driving thanks to a special design and treatment. These lenses make it possible to reduce glare and annoying glare in case of poor visibility, such as in the rain or on the snow, or facing the headlights of oncoming vehicles. They also help you when you move your gaze between the road, the dashboard, and mirrors, without having to make incessant movements of the head, especially with progressive lenses.


A Second Pair of Glasses for Sunny Days: Glasses for Outdoor Activities

If they have low correction power, people who wear glasses for the first time often wear their regular sunglasses. If you suffer from eye fatigue with your sunglasses but do not want to buy a new pair, the variable shade lenses by Zeelool) may be an excellent choice. These can turn a daily pair of glasses into sunglasses that darken in the sun – and of course, you also get 100% UV protection.

If you buy a new pair of glasses every day, many opticians will be able to make an attractive discount on a pair of sunglasses with the same correction as your daily glasses. In a very short time, your new sunglass lenses will take place in the frames of your old sunglasses.


When glasses specialize to provide extra comfort during specific activities

Help users of smartphones and other digital devices fight against eye strain

It’s not just the younger generation that uses these digital devices. Indeed, these accessories, now common, are the prerogative of all ages. But you should know that reading distances with these digital devices are much shorter than when reading a book or magazine. For people 30 years or older, this means that their eyes require more effort to see things at all times. Fatigue, dry eyes or sometimes tired are often the result of the use of portable devices, several hours a day. Special lenses (such as Digital Lenses) can ease your eyes and assist you when reading at short distances.


To read and work more comfortably in case of near vision problems

From a certain age, near vision begins to decrease gradually. You realize then that you can read the menu of a restaurant, a book or the newspaper only by holding it at arm’s length. However, if it seems unusual, it is also very tiring in the long run. That’s when reading glasses can be particularly useful as a first or second pair. If you wear progressive lenses every day, it may be useful to have a pair of reading glasses, if only to comfortably read your journal in your favorite chair.

Do you spend a lot of time sitting in front of your computer? So, be aware that progressive lenses or reading glasses are not always the best solution, as your posture in front of the screen changes constantly. An uncomfortable posture, even tense when you sit in front of your screen, are all obstacles to the optimal vision and even a risk to your health. If so, investing in computer glasses can be a great solution, able to meet your specific vision needs when you’re in front of your screen.


The best possible vision for your favorite hobbies and sports

These are special moments in life: when you do the things you love or practice your favorite sport. The problem is that your everyday glasses or sunglasses are not always the ideal solution for sports and recreation. Eyeglasses, for example, require special protection against dust, dirt, sun, and projections, in the form of curved frames. If you need a very good vision, Zeelool Sports lenses can become the trump card of your favorite sport. Thanks to special technology, optimal and distortion-free vision are now possible, even in the peripheral and curved areas of the glass.

Do you need a specific hue, dazzle protection or contrast enhancement to practice your favorite sport? The degraded and plain colors of your choice, Zeelool shades or sunglasses with a polarizing filter allow you to enjoy better vision. This can enhance your safety and improve your performance in sports practice. Get instant discount on Zeelool glasses. Use Zeelool promo codes.

Whether you practice ball games, cycling, skiing, water sports, aviation, hunting, crafts, projects in the house … your optician can help you find the pair of glasses adapted to have a comfortable vision.


A single pair of glasses. Is it enough for all your trendy styles?

Some wearers prefer to have a pair of “invisible glasses” – that is, glasses that no one notices. But there are also people who are obsessed with fashion and prefer to have a pair of glasses matching each of their outfits. Fortunately for them, these people now have a choice of absolutely incredible frames. But why must frames be the only ones to be fashionable? Your lenses can also adapt to your style with appropriate hues, color gradients, and mirror effects. Reinvent your glasses to make a real fashion accessory.


Just in case: a pair of spare glasses

Although not very popular in general, the pair of spare glasses is useful in case of emergency: Eyeglass wearers are dependent on their glasses, just like contact lens wearers. You are required to keep them in the glove box of your car because you are required to wear them when driving. Long-term eyeglass wearers have an easier life, as their old pair of glasses is often used as spare pairs.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to invest in a spare pair of glasses and how much you want to spend. Discuss with your optician special offers on the pair of spare glasses and other benefits that will help you in case of an emergency. He will be happy to talk to you about it.