We know that winter is far from over, but today we dream of fresh spring mornings and long summer days spent outdoors in the backyard of your stylish home.

And when it comes to backyard landscaping ideas, the variety of ideas on how to enhance the design and coziness of your modern home is limitless. All you really need is time, patience and a little imagination.

It does not have to cost a lot of money to turn your little garden into your safe heaven, and from now on we will try to bring you creative DIY ideas that could be helpful in your garden design.

A simple step that can really improve the aspect of your garden is building a wooden one As a sun protection method, its benefits are exceeded by aesthetic consideration. Imagine the perfect combination of dark wood and red or white roses that cover the structure. So you can create a small space of relaxation right in your garden, without having to spend a ton of money for the purchase of an already assembled pergola.

Take things into your own hands and design your own wooden pergola. For tools and materials, here is a list of what you might need:

  • a level
  • a drill
  • a hammer
  • a ladder
  • a post-hole digger
  • a puzzle
  • a screwdriver
  • a spade
  • a shovel
  • a circular saw
  • gravel
  • towing pins
  • 4 “x 4” pressure treated posts
  • 2 “x 4” pressure treated panels
  • 2 “x 6” pressure treated panels
  • 2 “x 10” pressure treated panels
  • galvanized cover screws

Once you have acquired the necessary tools and materials, here are 3 easy steps to build your dreamwood pergola:

Step 1

Examine your backyard or garden and imagine scenarios where you can best place your construction. Consider the orientation and shading of the pages. Once you have decided on the location, mark on the ground the placement of your 4 posts (this is the scenario of the simplest pergola design). Next, drill holes that are 24 “deep and 9” wide with a post hole excavator. Do not forget the drainage, add a few inches of gravel to the bottom of the created holes. Put 4 “x 4” posts in holes and make sure they are level and perpendicular. To hold them in place, attach some temporary 2 “x 4” braces until you pour quick drying cement into the 4 holes that you need to harden for at least 24 hours.

Step 2

Next you need to cut beams of 2 “x 10” boards to span the pergola posts. The support beams can be cut in a decorative design by tightening the desired end and cutting with a jigsaw along the lines. As you drill holes in the beams and posts, temporarily secure the beam bars. Finally attach the beams to the raised posts with 3 “lag screws.

Step 3

In the same method used in Step 2, cut the stringers from 2 “x 6” boards to span and overhang the beam bars. Again, you can give them the desired decorative effect by cutting their ends with a jigsaw on drawn lines.

The last step is to place the stringer at right angles to the bars and evenly your desire and toenail is in place by using 3 “galvanized cover screws.

The presented method is one of the easiest ways to create your desired pergola design. Of course, the aspect is also a simpler one, but these steps are the basic instructions you need to know from which you can develop, and create more complex complex designs to enhance your backyard aspect. We invite you to send us further suggestions and send us pictures with your own handmade wooden pergola.