Every home should be tied to the needs of the owner and each owner should respect his home, his shelter, his own little sign from the outside world with advantages and disadvantages.

Whether your house was built from scratch or purchased, over time the functionality of the space will change, everything will gain new value as we change, grow older, develop technology and materials, and so on. Even though the style of our house undergoes changes, the only room that retains its functionality (a very important feature for each of us) is the bedroom. The bedroom comes in all shapes and sizes as a room and we will not even go back to personal taste. We will touch some common alternatives only to small rooms. Most of these considerations can be applied to any room in the house, not just the bedroom, so read it wisely and, if possible, let us know your opinion to complete this list.

1. Clean unnecessary things

By far one of the most important aspects is the confusion in the room. You should always be able to see the bottom trim clean, which will automatically increase your space. Plane clean surfaces tend to increase the space anytime, and the floor is one of those airplanes that are obviously found in every room. Consider doing a garden sale with unnecessary stuff, removing carpets if they fragment the space and throwing personal belongings of dressers, bedside tables and even entertainment centers if they are not well organized, for example the wires will destroy the clothes from Many rooms. Make sure that you have room for each object in a group or collection and that everything breathes, which makes it less strenuous even to watch.

2. Maximize Your Wall Room

This is a well-known alternative that most of us avoid. Due to installation issues, we avoid holes in the walls and anything that could damage them. Also, the shelves and cantilevered furniture are usually more expensive if they look good and you do not have many alternatives, so it is difficult to combine them.
While maximizing your wall space is a challenge, it is one that we should all accept and conquer because it brings many benefits to the room, creating a flat surface and therefore enlarging the space while hosting many things behind it. Always avoid curved furniture when trying to make a room appear larger. Another great aspect is suspended bedside tables that seem to flow from the bed, a great alternative to maximize the ocean around your bed, the footprint in the bedroom.

3. Scale Furniture to Bed Size

By far the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom interior design is the bed, Therefore, the bed should clearly dominate the furniture around it and be the main focus. It should be further dominated by the size of the room, placing a huge bed in a small room will allow both airspace and comfort of yours, so consider this aspect from the beginning. The interior of the bedroom should move around the bed, even if it is placed on one side and not in the “middle” of the room. You should read the function based on the size of the bed and not the desk (which is occasionally used to write an old fashion typewriter). The floor should be a pedestal for the bed and the rest of the furniture should move around them.

4. Ceiling Visual Interest

Nowadays, more than ever, people are trying to express themselves through a versatile design that we can read to have as much personality as possible. Therefore, adding a fifth dimension to the room is very effective if it is done tastefully. We’re not talking about spots and such “innovations” here, but about methods used by our elders to maximize the volume of a room with visual techniques. Some are fairly easy to use and require only two colors, e.g. For example, painting the ceiling white and the rest of the room white, yellow or olive green, for example, would make the room appear brighter, brighter and higher than usual. Conversely, a darker color on the ceiling creates the anxiety effect, closing in the room and increasing the weight of the ceiling.

5. The Read Nook

Most of us misunderstand the concept of a small room. A small bedroom design will never encourage the owner to use the bedroom less (just to change and sleep) it will do the opposite, if done well, it will create unique opportunities to enjoy the space. A small corner can easily be devoted to reading, a comfortable chair and a tall lamp, hopefully near a window with a good view will definitely make your bedroom more of a bedroom then it already is. A reading area where you can relax and watch your beautiful sunrise.

6. Wardrobes and armor

A major player in the bedroom scene is the dresser, so it must be carefully selected. As mentioned above, the furniture needs to be scaled to your bed size and room size, even if you have a lot of clothes. Consider including the TV in a closet and saving space for the entertainment unit. The more versatile the setting behind the doors, the more space is saved and the lighter the room.

7. Creative Use for Storage

The biggest advantage that Ikea has brought its rivals are the unique space-saving solutions and the creative use of the memory. Modest boxes that can be easily and stylishly integrated into any environment. Epos. Decorative baskets in a bookshelf unit or sustainable boxes of plants, storage boxes under your bed and so on. Remember to organize the objects according to how often you use them, and by accessibility, maybe your child should not just achieve everything, but conversely, you do not want him to climb up and down for his toy.

8. Television

Most doctors and therapists advise us to keep the mass media and electronics as far away from the bedroom as possible, as they cause stress and anxiety in some people. Still … the TV is in the bedroom most of the time and has an impressive dimension from time to time (which should not happen). The entertainment unit should not be a bedroom in the living room, but if you really need it, try buying an output device for your smartphone, netbook or MP3. That way, you still have radio, music, even a small screen, and keep the silence in the bedroom when needed. It’s also a great way to save space.

9. Use Color Little

We all know that this clear white is a clear decision to make the room bigger and brighter, but that does not mean that you are bound to white for the rest of your life. Dark colors should be avoided unless you have a special inclination to gothic design and clothing. Dark colors can be strong on pillows, rugs, curtains or bedding, but should be kept away from the walls as much as possible. As mentioned above, you should use a lighter color on the ceiling and then on one of the walls and pay special attention to the natural light source.


Imagination and personal taste are the most important aspect in this challenge. In the end, you are the only one who can judge how well you have worked or not. You are the one who can live with it and enjoy it. So ready or not, take the first step and accept the challenge. How ? Do you find it difficult? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below.