All of us who love design and spend time working on furnishing our homes want the same thing: to live in a beautiful space that looks like it could be displayed in one of our favorite shelter magazines. 

It is a good goal. It does not matter if it’s ever so, as long as it has the look we really love. In most cases, things start very difficult. How do we create a trendy editorial look in rooms that are not in magazines, but in the real world where material accumulates, kids are kids, cables are necessary, and sometimes just no time and no energy is available to make everything look perfect allow?

The truth is – it’s a challenge. But the good news is that it’s easier to get the look you want than you think. You can prevail before the game by setting the basics of your design. This will help you achieve the look you want. After that you just have to take care of it. To help you get this ball rolling, there are 7 trend-setting styling secrets to help you create the space you’ve always dreamed of.


Secrets to make your home look expensive

This room is full of amazing design secrets, each of which will help to bring your decor in the right direction. The color palette is a simple and classic black and white. Color accents and global patterns come through a selection of pillows on the sofa. A Moroccan rug adds texture and a simple geometric print. But among all the things this room does right, the chandelier is perhaps the most outstanding. A chandelier is adornment for your interior. Without lighting, no room is complete and chandeliers are a good choice. Get wayfair coupon codes to score some quick discount on your online orders.


Color Blocking

Color blocking is currently announced. It is not easy to create a whole room in a single color, but the results can be amazing. A good way to start with this is to match your paint color to a popular piece of furniture. The key to a color block space is to find room for patterns or complementary colors to create an impressive display.

In this room, the green of the sideboard and the walls fit together perfectly, which makes the room immediately engaging. However, what does not overwhelm the color is the softer wood tone of the floor and the small pattern of the carpet. Both elements, however, are subtle enough not to compete with the green.



Working in fresh flowers

As we have all learned from years of sightseeing through photographic tours, creating good vignettes is one of the key skills of a designer. And one of the most important aspects of this skill is adding fresh flowers as a finishing touch to the room. With something as small and simple as adding flowers you can easily underestimate the importance, but you should not. Flowers are always wonderful to have in a room. They add a natural element to an always refreshing room.

Optically, they add another layer of color that can act as pop to lighten a room or match other colors in the room to bring it all together.


Lighting & Ambience

Lighting plays an important part for home decoration. Use soft lights wherever possible. Incorporate floor lamps, wall lamps where appropriate. One good idea is to get a long distance touch lamp. They are great for soft lighting and you can use them to get connected with your friends and family members who are living far away from you.


Paint door trim

If you give your room an artistic and sophisticated look, you must skillfully perform the unexpected. Surprise people with patterns and colors in interesting places. This room gives us a perfect fall-in point. When you paint the paneling of your doors, you create a dynamic entrance as you bring color home in a subtle and unexpected way.


Hang your curtains from the ceiling to the floor

Here’s a secret to hanging your curtain that exponentially improves the look of your room: always hang your curtains on top of your wall. It is important to do this even if the window itself is not that high. Hanging curtains from the highest possible point draw attention to the height of the room, a movement that gives your design an immediate drama. And if you want to make sure everyone sees what you’ve done, make your curtains an important part of the room decoration by hanging them in a striking shade.



Play with complementary colors

Color is one of the most important elements in every room. Highlight your spaces by thinking about color. This area only gives an indication of the possibilities when you play with complementary color combinations and make them your own.

Instead of red and blue, you can use pink and peacock to bring a new and bright color scheme to your interior.


Paint your blanket

If you have high ceilings, take the paint all the way up. Adding colors to your quilt will catch your eye and make your interior more interesting and interesting.


Houseplants as a decoration for your home

The key to a fresh and colorful interior is the use of a variety of indoor plants. They instantly transform the atmosphere, highlighting the beauty of the remainder of the decor and making the frame more complete. Discover 8 unusual ways to integrate indoor plants into your home that do not use classic vases and pots.

1. The easiest way to make houseplants look interesting is to place them vertically, one flower above the other, on a floor, a wall, or a suspended shelf. This design will look best in the free corner of the room.

2. We present you a very interesting opportunity to turn a common table into a beautiful decoration for your home. Just add greens!

3. Even more unusual in the interior are indoor plants that are planted in transparent glass jars. It turns out that with the help of different types of soil, moss and pebbles amazingly beautiful works of art can arise!

4. Have you ever thought that the aquarium does not necessarily have to be with the fish? Algae in the house is a new trend for the most creative lovers of indoor plants.

5. An excellent idea for your kitchen is a mini garden with kitchenette. It takes up little space, nicely adorns and refreshes the kitchen, smells fragrant and is used for cooking. Do not I have that yet?

6. Can plants create coziness? Whatever! For this purpose, they must be planted in an unusual object, for example, an old sugar bowl, a cup, a street lamp or even a book. The same effect will give and various elements made by own hands: the painted banks, wooden boxes, knitted covers etc.

7. A beautiful “living” wall gives the room a slightly cosmic look and helps to visually zone the room without making it boring and cold at the same time. This is a fresh, colorful and really stylish decoration element that, among other things, still filters the air and heals the atmosphere in the house.

8. Is there a way to decorate houseplants without transplanting or moving them? Yes! And it’s great for the laziest admirers of all things beautiful. Sea pebbles, pebbles and colored sand will beautifully decorate the top layer of the soil, creating an unusual contrast to the color of the plants.


Incorporate art works and accessories for the decoration

Do you have a small apartment or a house? But you do not know how to decorate it properly and sensibly to add charm to the atmosphere and visually enlarge the space? Try an extremely illogical but effective approach – the use of large furniture, artwork or accessories.

Today we present unique solutions from talented craftsmen from different parts of the world who will help to give the living space an attractive look and incredible comfort.

Using the reflective effect

A proven way to transform a tiny room is to add a large mirror. A massive accessory in an incomparable setting can be found in the dining room, in the guest cabin or in the boudoir. Not only will it create an illusion of volume, it will also fill the atmosphere with magnetic charm.

The use of vintage unusual furniture

The large objects of the headset, which are located in a tiny space, visually help to make them bigger. In the example on the next photo shows a wooden shelf, coupled with narrow windows, the height of the ceiling.

Comparison of large furniture with a panoramic view from the window

This voluminous chest of drawers, surrounded by two solid walls, seems too bulky and motionless. However, the adjacent window opening creates an impression of freedom and distracts the attention of guests and family members from the secretariat.

Use the vertical distance

Small rooms often have empty walls. The next photo shows your view of the kitchen design, where experts installed metal plates with hooks for hanging frying pans and other kitchen utensils.

Choose creative furniture with a sweeping silhouette

Tables and chairs with rounded corners and other accessories take up less space than objects with sharp edges. This dining room is equipped with an elegant suite and stunning round lamps.

Be creative with the placement of furniture

In a spacious apartment, the window would never have been blocked or blocked by objects. But in small rooms you sometimes have to break the rules.

In this project, the homeowners managed to press a full bed in a narrow bedroom. The magnificent headboard made of metal lets the sun’s rays penetrate unhindered into the boudoir and lends the atmosphere lightness and special charm.

Use the style of minimalism

Built-in wardrobe next to the window with straight and sharp corners, as well as a snow-white tinted palette that blends with the general decoration of walls fits harmoniously into a small space.

Uniform color scale

Notice how great a headboard, a large double bed and a screen look like in a modest room. A monochrome smoke color palette with black and white accents allows a visual enlargement of the room area.

We presented to our readers an excellent selection of modest living options with large art objects, ornaments and furnishings that help to create in space the illusion of freedom and volume.

And you liked these ways home decoration ? Share your opinion with us in the comments on the article …