Without these applications, the smartphone can hardly be called full-fledged. We list the most useful in everyday use programs for devices on the Android system.


MX Player Pro – Smartphone as an omnivorous “vidak”

One of the reasons why smart phones got huge widescreen screens is watching a video. Processors today know how to consume almost no energy when the Smartphone is operating in the video player mode, and by the number of formats that “pull” a typical Android-Smartphone, it is even steeper than computers. In theory, he will cope with the ancient videos of the early 90’s, and with the new 4K-video.

In theory, because standard video players in smartphones are made on the principle “if only something was reproduced somehow”. If you want to record a bundle of movies from your computer to your Smartphone to view them on the road, there is a risk of finding that half of the videos do not open or are played without the picture and / or sound.

All this can be remedied by installing a truly omnivorous player. There are many, but the MX is one of the most authoritative and heaped among them. It plays any video and music in a very economical mode even on old smart phones, it can make the volume in video recordings twice as high as the standard player (in movies with a quiet soundtrack it’s very handy), switch between several types of voice acting, zoom the frame with “pinch “, As in the photos, and open videos from sites in a convenient Android-player.

MX Player itself is free, but stuffed with advertising. The version without ads already costs money. A bit of trouble only comes from the fact that, because of the greed of patent holders, AC3 format support (multi-channel sound in modern movies) needs to be downloaded and “screwed” separately. But take my word – the player is very good and deserves such trouble.


ES Explorer – cleaning your Smartphone from garbage and transferring files over Wi – Fi

Long ago, when Android was “semi-finished”, it did not have any clever file managers. In order to flaunt the owners of iPhones with the fact “look, I have everything on my daddies laid out like on a computer!”, It was necessary to download a separate application for managing files.

Those times are long gone, and now there are commonplace programs for renaming, moving or copying files, there is in every Smartphone. But there are no qualitative ones among them.

ES Explorer was one of the first noteworthy file managers on Android, today it has grown in breadth and knows much more than an ordinary user needs. But the active user of the android phone will definitely need the following “goodies”:

  • The ability to open files from the local network. For example, from a shared folder on your computer / laptop, or from a hard disk / flash drive that you stuck into the router.
  • Work with archives. Someday you will send a pack of photos, a document for Word / Excel inside .zip, .rar or something more terrible. ES Explorer can open such archives without problems.
  • Drive analysis. If the Smartphone is full of files to the eyeballs, it’s not very clear why the place suddenly ended so abruptly, just press the “analysis” button in the ES, after which it will show how much memory the pictures / music / applications and games / documents occupy, will put them from large to small and allow you to remove the “garbage” right in the same menu. Almost non-alternative in its convenience function.
  • Transfer files between smart phones at the speed of Wi-Fi. It’s unlikely that you often send photos, music and video to neighboring cell phones, as in the epoch of polyphonic ringtones, but Bluetooth has been a sad and slow way of communication since then, and the normal universal way to transfer files over Wi-Fi is not invented. More precisely, came up, but only between the same applications. If you and your friend have an ES Explorer, you can double-click to send large files to the maximum possible speed between mobile phones – in the file manager for this case the function “sender” is stored.

WPS Office – Word, Excel and all-all-all

During the existence of smartphones, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) standards files were first “unbearable” exotics, then a revelation, with which everyone tried to edit texts on tiny screens. Today there are no miracles in the viewing and fine editing of the text in documents and presentations. Another thing is that such files (+ documents of Adobe PDF format) will flock to you on e-mail from all sides, and open those on the smartphone will be nothing. You can, of course, keep intrigue until you get to the desktop PC, but it’s more reasonable to spend several tens of megabytes of memory on a ready-made set for opening and editing the entire “office” one.

WPS Office (formerly Kingsoft Office, if interested) is not the coolest office suite of its kind, but it’s free, buggy, fast and not deprived of the possibilities even in comparison with expensive alternatives. Recommended.


Weather / News Widgets – to not turn on the TV

As in the case of file managers, smartphones are not deprived by informers about the temperature outside the window and the latest news, but the quality of standard widgets almost always leaves much to be desired. Therefore, we advise you to decorate the desktop with information details of other developers.

Appearance and functionality of widgets – always tastes, but in our opinion the least catchy and yet functional options for weather and news today offers Yandex. A side effect is the constant “vparivaniya” search, the application “Taxi” and other products of the company.

First to look at the desktop headings and weather forecast instead of “wallpaper” will be unusual, but take a word – very soon you will begin to enjoy that you will know all the major events in the world before viewers and news readers on the Internet. Deeper only in political conflicts is also not necessary – car lovers or electronic devices can receive information only on their favorite topics.


Shazam – find out what song is playing

Every day you hear music, among which there are songs from which you seem to be shocked. Because, to this song, you used to ride under the Christmas tree / gathered for the first date / get a job / something else, but the text on the foreign one still does not understand what you’re talking about, and you do not remember who generally performs this song and how it is called.

With the new smartphones, this is no longer a problem – you get your “shovel” from the wide pants to Android, press the key. The smartphone listens to the song and calls the artist and the song’s name after a few seconds. That’s what an application called Shazam is for.

Of course, Shazam, although it was one of the first, is by no means the only one of its kind – Sony has similar applications, and Google even recently recognized music. But Shazam has the largest “knowledge base”, so it still remains the surest way to recognize music with a smartphone.

It seems to you now that such a function will not be needed regularly – when you become agonized after hearing a piece of your favorite song, but you did not find out who sings it, you will remember our words.


Messengers – VKontakte, Classmates, WhatsApp , Viber , Skype and others

A very naive point of our collection, but if you just bought a smartphone, know – smart phones are different from simple orientation to permanent communication, not only for calls and SMS in GSM networks, but also via the Internet. Possibility to correspond in ICQ was in dense times, but in new smartphones running Android you have the opportunity to share huge amounts of information, video recordings, make video calls abroad completely free!

Because the mobile operators have long transplanted everyone to tariffs with a subscription fee, to which “nails” a serious internet connection. This is enough to stop sending SMS and go to communicate with friends and relatives in the network.

It is not necessary to install all instant messengers at once (although it is desirable) – select those in which you will be with whom to communicate. It would be enough.


Video in the network – “telly”, online cinemas or short jokes

Of course, with the limited amount of traffic in the new cellular tariffs (no-limit Russian operators removed far away to effectively “milk” subscribers) does not give a particularly overclock, but for a number of video entertainment Internet package is enough. And with periodic Wi-Fi at home or at work can be twisted even more effectively.

If you did not know, the “Big Three” (MTS, Beeline, MegaFon) cellular operators have applications for watching TV through 3 G / 4 G without using traffic from the tariff. In MTS for such a pleasure they want a little money in excess of the tariff, in Beeline there is a small number of free channels + paid, MegaFon varies the number of free tariffs depending on the amount of subscription fee at your rate. In any case, if you would like to watch television away from the “box”, pay attention to such services of cellular operators.

And if you are on the contrary, do not want the TV to reach you from your mobile phone, install an online cinema to watch feature films or music videos. The most popular applications of this kind are ivi . ru and Megogo , among the unofficial ones (which are not available on Google Play) and completely free clients, you can note VideoMix , HD VideoBox and LazyIPTV .

And even if you do not want to overload yourself with full-scale movies on your smartphone’s screen, Android has something to offer you. Bundles of YouTube and Coub (such fun-animation, like GIF, but with sound) is enough for this.


Download music without coming to the computer

It’s getting harder to get music for free – VKontakte has long been removing unlicensed tracks and will soon make music paid, and applications that allow downloading music from social networks are no longer workable.

One of the few islands where the Internet community still shares music, there remains an old site called Zaycev.net. Not all music tracks in it are of high quality (to put it mildly), and the choice is still not as wide as in VKontakte, but the site absolutely does not interfere with downloading tracks to the smartphone and does not ask for money for it.

And if you want a lot of music in high quality and for a long time, choose among the subscriptions for Google Play Music (159 rubles per month for one person or 239 rubles a month for 6 Google accounts, that is, the whole family with their smartphones) or Yandex Music (169 rubles a month or 1690 rubles a year). Google offers two trial free months to use, and Yandex Music is free for computer users, so you will not lose the accumulated in the “selected” collection and even more artists from the territory of the former USSR in the Yandex application. Or in the old-fashioned way – pour tracks from your computer with a USB cable if you are not satisfied with online listening.