If you get a mobile phone for a girl – and instead of megapixels, the screen resolution and the amount of RAM you will hear “I want a good smart phone.” We have selected the “best of the best” models, which will surely suit the beautiful ladies to taste.


Do not know what to buy – buy an iPhone:

No, we are not eaten, and even from our “colony”, we realize that any Smartphone in itself is a very costly gift, and the iPhone – even more so. But girls and women love Apple’s mobile phones and no measurement of the processor’s performance or attempts to nod the sensor of the rear camera or the brightness of the display in Chinese android phones will not help.

And women can be understood – you also would not want to receive a Chinese SSD as a gift, to which the lady would have spent hard-earned money? That’s the same.

Which iPhone to buy? Anyone with 32 gigabytes of memory, starting with the iPhone 6. Because “five-es” and SE – very “amateur” model, with low-quality front cameras, reputation “so you have an old iPhone? Of those that are small? “, And generally not very convenient for viewing video and typing in modern conditions.

iPhone Plus buy is hardly worth it – it’s huge for its 5.5 inches. Therefore, fork out for “just iPhone”, if you can afford. And the money required about this:

  • iPhone 7 32 GB – 921 US Dollars
  • iPhone 6S 32 GB – 764 US Dollars
  • iPhone 6 64 GB (without options, because the “empty” option with 16 GB is outdated) – 643 US Dollars

Everyone knows that at the price of iPhones you can take a much steeper Android phone, but Apple’s workmanship is high, and the specifications are sufficient for everyone except maximalists. Spare parts at any corner (you never know what), constant system updates, fast debuts of fashionable applications (all sorts of Prisma, Pokemon and so on), and almost always problem-free work – you can take.


The most beautiful of inexpensive – Meizu U10:

If you look at the prices of the iPhone to give a phone to your beloved girl completely wanted, here’s the candidate from the opposite price pole – Meizu U10.


The case when from “inexpensive, powerful, beautiful” you do not need to scratch anything. Inexpensive, because when ordering on Aliexpress and in other Chinese stores you can keep within 123.40 US dollars. Go to the nearest cellular salon, look at the miserable scrap metal under the guise of smartphones for the same price and feel the difference.

Powerful, because under the new glass case hides a familiar Meizu M3s mini enthusiast. And this means that inside it is an eight-core processor (about 20-22 thousand rubles in speed practically in Samsung) plus 2 or 3 gigabytes of RAM for the buyer’s choice and 16/32 GB on the internal storage. For social networks, video and everyday use of speed is enough for the eyes, especially since the redrawn “under the iPhone” Android in the Flyme OS shell itself opens the menu and applications very quickly.

Beautiful, because the glass and metal in the Meizu U10 look and feel the same as the much more expensive models. Curved 2,5D-glass on the front panel, high-quality screen, the camera flush with the body (not a “hernia”, like the iPhone and Samsung), faceted features and at the same time comfortable grip body, no black frames around the screen.

There are other beautiful glass-metal models in the budget class (Alcatel Shine Lite or OnePlus X), but Meizu from them is the most profitable, even if you prefer it at an inhuman price of $225 in any cellular stores.

Disadvantages? The battery lasts just a day, and the charging stretches for a long time (the phone does not support fast charging technologies, as expensive models). The volume level in the speaker and headphones is average – it’s better to go to the cellular salon and rotate the ringtones on the smartphone to see if my lady has enough of this volume for the call.


But a cool black glass “china” even geeks forgive a lot, because beauty is a terrible force. And, if your beautiful lady is not spoiled by super-expensive iPhone and Samsung, then she will like Meizu U10, and you do not have to get into credit bondage for the sake of “call”.


Small, inexpensive, but high-quality Samsung – Galaxy A3 (2016):

At the price of twice foul iPhone 5S four-year exposure, a little more expensive than budget Chinese smart phones you can buy a beautiful and sweet female heart of Samsung – a mini-galaxy today is estimated at 312 US dollars. The Galaxy A series of the 2016th model year was a rare case when Samsung had the prudence not to break cosmic prices for phones from its narcissism – the Galaxy A3 and A5 (2016) of their money was well worth and now stand. Already came out a new and cooler generation of smart phones, but without adequate prices, but the “old people” were slightly cheaper.

And among them, the most attractive is Treshka, a glass-metal Smartphone with a flagship design, super-small dimensions (smaller than that of a 4.7-inch iPhone), a quality bright screen and good sound.


This does not mean that the Koreans were completely cured of greed: the engineers guys used to go around the smartphone for a long time and cut off power to it until it was left to music-movies-Internet correspondence with a symbolic stock.

That is, there is no performance reserve for the “bright future” in the phone, but here and now it can be loaded with a bundle of Whatsapp + Viber + VK + Facebook + Google Chrome, and it will. The chambers are not bad (in the room in any way, on the street – they are good), there will be enough autonomy for a day and a half of use. A very good option, if the label “Meizu” makes the interlocutor awkward.


The most feminine Chinese flagship – Honor 8:

But you first offer something to the contrary before you smile. Fancy Sony, Samsung and HTC are unreasonably expensive, the Xiaomi Mi5S and OnePlus 3 are designed for “boxing on benchmarks,” and Mi5S Plus upsets the “curve” of the camera. And be here shockproof and thin Moto Z Force, but Lenovo did not have the courage to bring a new model with a shatterproof screen in Russia.

Therefore – Honor 8 or “Huawei P9 minus pathos.” A glass smartphone with a high-quality dual rear camera – copes well with shooting under various conditions and knows how to beautifully blur the background, like on “mirrors”. For more mystery you can take photos on a monochrome camera.

And in addition to the cameras in the china, there is a bright display and a good processor, with which the speed will completely stop the girl from being embarrassed. Recently among the colors of the case rose (it is called a little more romantic, but who cares?), And the price at the end of the conveyor life of the Honor 8 fell to 434 US dollars. Quite a reasonable deal, because the more expensive ASUS ZenFone 3 ZE552KL is worse, and even the weaker Huawei nova costs almost as much.

A beautiful smartphone with good cameras and flagship performance – what else do you need?


Large screen in a small package – Sony Xperia XA Ultra:

Sony Xperia XA Ultra costs 451 US dollars. I agree with you guys that Sony based on MediaTek processors is somewhat of a “surrogate”, and the 2700 mAh in a 6-inch battery of IPS-matrix is ​​a disgrace, even with all the optimizations of power consumption.

But XA Ultra looks cool and has a lot of things – a bright and very high-quality screen, a luxurious front camera with optical stabilization (!) And flash, a case of golden color with a shade not like everyone else, very small side frames, but without extreme. In the XA Ultra Dual version, you have two full connectors for SIM cards and a separate slot for a memory card – a rare configuration in 2017, by the way.

The battery with a grief in half is enough for the day of use (sometimes – less), and the rear camera shoots worse than you would expect from such an inexpensive model. But still it’s a simple Smartphone with Japanese roots, a thoughtful software, an impressive amount of accessories and a level of prestige (among the people, not among you, boot loader broachers), to which Meizu and Xiaomi will not grow in the foreseeable future. Buy strictly together with a mobile battery; otherwise the impression will be incomplete.