Many people, especially inhabitants of megacities, consider camping one of the best ways to enjoy fresh air and relax in nature: only you with friends and nature, no crowds, fuss and work. But no matter how tempting it may sound, such a rest can sometimes turn into a nightmare. Today we offer you 25 tips to help you avoid this sad fate and spend time as relaxed as possible.


  1. Mosquitoes and mosquitoes can easily destroy your idyll. To prevent their invasion, simply set fire to a sage near the place where you stopped and mosquitoes will immediately move to another, more comfortable and pleasant for them.


  1. It would be nice to learn how to distinguish poisonous plants from useful ones. Poison ivy, for example, can cause itching, irritation, and sometimes even painful rashes on the skin.


  1. Do you need something to light a fire? Use Doritos packaging or any other chips. It is perfectly lit and will help you to kindle any fire.


  1. If you have nowhere to lay down the chips to use the packaging from under them, but the fire still needs to be ignited, you will be helped by wadded disks, soaked in wax.


  1. Doritos and cotton pads are doing a great job of firing a fire, but if you need a win-win option, fill the cardboard box from under the eggs with charcoal and set it on fire.


  1. All those who cannot imagine a hike without the means of daily hygiene, we recommend taking disposable soap plates with you. Just take a knife to clean the vegetables and cut them a piece of soap. This will allow you to avoid losing a whole soap and will provide you with an inexhaustible supply of soap plates.


  1. Soap can be used not only for hygiene reasons. One of the old scouts of the Boy Scouts is to hide all their valuables in the soapbox. No thief will look for money there.


  1. Cooking is an integral part of any trip, and here foil will prove to be an indispensable item. Just wrap the meat in foil and place it over the fire – it will turn out soft and juicy.


  1. You probably already tried fried marshmallows, but what about the fried chewing sweets Starbursts? In fact, this is not crazy, but one of the most delicious things in the campaign.


  1. Did you need a grill to cook hot dogs? All you need is a metal rake, well, someone who will hold them.


  1. Discard the bottled marinade and instead use aromatic herbs, such as rosemary. Throw them into the fire, and your steak will have an unforgettable taste.


  1. If you get lost in the forest, use the clock as a compass. If you are in the northern hemisphere, then align the hour hand with the sun. The point between the arrow and the 12 digit points to the north. In the southern hemisphere, you will have to combine the sun with the number 12.


  1. If you want to spend the night with a little more comfort, and then put a tile of polystyrene under the sleeping bag, it will soften your bed.


  1. Save space with Tic-Tac boxes, placing your spices in them.


  1. You can make disposable packages for things like toothpaste, ointments, shampoos, etc.. Simply cut the plastic straw straws into pieces measuring 5 centimeters each, melt them and fill them with things, and then seal the edges with a lighter.


  1. Are you looking for where to put your kitchen accessories? Just wrap an old belt around the tree trunk and insert a few hooks into it.


  1. Cannot you live without music? Take a ceramic cup with you and put your mobile phone in it. It will serve as a natural sound amplifier, and you do not have to take heavy speakers with you.


  1. Clear water is a must in a hike. If you only have a container of dirty water, put one end of the cloth in it, and put the other end of the fabric in an empty container. After a while, the water is filtered through the fabric and all the dirt remains in the first container.


  1. Frozen plastic bottles of water and put them in a mini fridge. They will keep your food cold, and when they thaw, you will have a supply of drinking water.


  1. If you are forced to spend the night in nature in cold weather, one of the most irreplaceable things in this situation will be warm clothes, especially in the mornings. Therefore, before going to bed, put the morning clothes in your sleeping bag so that it warms up to your awakening.


  1. During long trips you will need a portable washing machine. Take a large plastic bucket, cut a small hole in its lid, pour a little water into it, pour out the washing powder and throw dirty clothes into a bucket. After that start mixing everything with a bobbin.


  1. The matches are over, but it is urgent to build a fire? You probably know that dry material can easily be set on fire by a magnifying glass on a sunny day. Moreover, the magnifying glass with ease will replace sunglasses or any other object from the curved glass.


  1. Did you go camping with children? Take their search and picking mushrooms and berries.


  1. Do not underestimate the importance of knitting skills. Any more or less experienced tourist knows that there are several dozen types of nodes that differ in their functionality. Learning the basics of this lesson can turn your trip into an extremely pleasant event.


1. Do not forget to bring your Frisbee! This is not only an excellent tool for taking your leisure time with games and entertainment, but also a good replacement for a cutting board, a plate, a shovel and many other things depending on your imagination