One of the biggest mistakes of travelers, gathered on a trip alone, is to collect as many things as possible for all occasions. But all the things you will not take away. Disposable items can be purchased in any city and take them on a trip is completely optional. Introducing the TOP-10 items that are best left at home.

Sleeping bag:

Most hotels provide bed linen. Even in hostels, linens are now given. It is clear that you want to save and do not take clothes on the spot. But is it necessary to carry excess weight? Sleeping bag is worth taking only when you are going to the mountains or to nature. In hotels and other civilized places, you definitely do not need it.



Modern phones are so functional that they can replace a lot. If you are not a writer, and do not plan on traveling much, you can leave the laptop at home. Video camera, perhaps, too, will not be needed, because you can shoot videos and phone. If all your electronic devices have the same connector for recharging, you can take one “charge” at all, and not separate for each.



Large bottles with gel, creams, shampoos and other compounds for body care are very heavy and take up excess space. In addition, if they leak, they can stain things in the suitcase. There is no need to think up such problems. Shampoos and creams can be bought in almost all hotels. If you do not want to do it there, then you can do it in any store.



Although some people like to use different kinds of shoes for different occasions, on a trip it’s completely useless. If you are going to rest, you will have enough pair of shoes and sandals, and if you go camping – pairs of sneakers or good shoes.



Now there are convenient electronic e-books for every budget, so there is no need to drag a collection of works in the luggage. If you like to read exactly paper copies, then get them where you are going. It can be inexpensive books in soft covers. You can not take them home. Leave them there in the hotel, they will be happy there.



It is difficult to find a hotel or hostel, where visitors would not get a towel. It is usually issued along with bed linen. In the end, you can buy it. Do not buy big, heavy and expensive towels. Buy small, light and cheap.


Evening dresses and shoes:

If you are not going to visit a wedding or other solemn event, then you should not bring elegant dresses and high-heeled shoes. In most cases, you will not need such clothes. Bring a simple clothes, because with the accessories at any time you can make it elegant.


First aid kit:

If you go to an unfamiliar country, it may be worth taking the necessary medicines, because it is not known whether they will be able to get them there. You can also take a band-aid. But it’s definitely not necessary to carry everything for all occasions. You still do not go to the desert. Where you will be, people will live, and they will help you to get to a doctor if necessary. But about medical insurance before departure it is necessary to take care. On the way, it is more useful than an individual first-aid kit.



This thing, mostly, like to take with a woman. In a suitcase, it takes up a lot of space, but it is still unknown whether it will be necessary. If you go to a hot country in the summer, your hair will dry up after bathing or washing yourself. The way out can also be a short haircut and then just do not need a hairdryer.



Although jewelry is adorned, on travel they are not needed. They can attract the attention of intruders, which can completely ruin your vacation. If you are going to some solemn event and you think it necessary to have jewelry, you must insure yourself before the trip. However, it is better to have inexpensive costume jewelry with you, so that its loss is not particularly upsetting.