Since now you do not fly to Egypt on our planes, a lot of trips went straight to Tartary, in the Middle East radicals rage, and your own kind and kind Dude will still offer you to raise your ass and go on a real trip that can change your whole life, give you something that cannot give thousands of familiar to the eye of the concrete structures surrounding you.

Why, you say, need such problems? Why leave the comfort zone and leave your hometown? In fact, there are thousands of reasons, but first, let’s talk about a few, for example…


Magic of Friendship:

I do not know about you, but we think that society is now embittered and completely forgotten what a real magic of friendship is. Being in secluded and warm walls, you cannot imagine what a real brotherhood is and why it is needed. But when you step outside the threshold of your house, spend the night on the shore of the bay during a storm, in a flimsy tent; you immediately understand what the real price of the human community is. On a journey, it’s so obvious that you’re ashamed of your petty malice that you had before.


Geography, orientation:

In which direction will the sun go down? Where will it stand? Can you define the east, the west, the way up and the way down? But after all, all these skills were necessary for a person, and it is possible that soon they will become important again. You will begin to better orient yourself in space when you gain the experience of a traveler.


Patience is our all:

An important quality of a person, and how much it lacks in our brains. When you travel, you go beyond the daily routine. You learn to act quickly and without preparation. There is a lot of shit, but as a rule, you try to cope with problems. Not everything works as you intended, but there are fewer options for retreat than at home. So you have to learn patience slowly and correctly.



Here you looked at the bank account and realized that you spend too much. Was there a similar thought? Membership in the gym, monthly bills for the Internet and phone, gasoline, taxis, gifts, entertainment, parties with friends, parties with friends – it all costs money. And sometimes we take loans for life. But when you travel, you do not have a spare financial plan. There is a budget that can really end. And you have to calculate the daily rate of food, the maximum you can pay for housing, well, and leave something for fun. The last thing you want to do on a trip is to release all your money on the other side of the planet.



To act alone, when traveling, the strategy is losing. You understand this at once, because the dangers can lie in wait for you around every corner. The country is unfamiliar, the slums are unknown, the bandits are everywhere, like the problems. However, the trust and ability to seek help is a lost art for many. But we are learning this again when we are in unfamiliar conditions.


You are a shrimp in this ocean:

The native city does not seem large to you, people do not seem different to you. Perhaps you can easily assess the fellow citizens by looking at them. But when you go beyond the bounds of a small homeland, it becomes clear: the world is fucking great, and you are nobody in it. Billions of people, billions of views, diverse cultures, beliefs and attitudes towards life. All this completely knocks out of you the stagnant views and a sense of your own importance.


Travel constitutes:

Can you imagine how many you will meet interesting people if you just go on foot on the expanses of some alien country? Hundreds, if not thousands. And everyone wants to tell you an anecdote, an interesting story from life, share experiences. Later you start to think more broadly. The main thing is, do not be caught in a conversation with other people. For this, of course, you will need knowledge of the language. All this has nothing to do with what we call social activity at home.


The world may not correspond to your past ideas:

Before leaving for another country, you probably think that the world revolves only around your state. You hear what our information space dictates, news, and opinion leaders. You remember what your parents taught you. But, as soon as you find yourself in conditions that are far from your usual “normality”, all your perception turns into ashes. In travel, you see people as they are, and not as they are supposed to be. Cultural shock is not always a bad thing.


Travels develop your taste:

About cooking we can say eternity. But we are primarily familiar with European cuisine, generally accepted and averaged. But in every town there are unforgettable flavors and tastes, their recipes and drinks. If you eat pre-shirak, burgers and borscht all your life, then your taste will not develop. You need to be more open to strange or, for example, spicy food, because there is nothing wrong with eating a bowl of fried crickets instead of the chips that we are used to.

Yes, some dishes will be terrible, but this is not a reason to not try them. Not everyone has the opportunity.


There is not one place that would be like your house:

And it’s cool, of course. No matter how much you travel, you will always love your family, friend and friends. Even if you live in a rotten, abandoned industrial city, you will still understand its real price only when you leave it. You will never understand this until you sit in one place.


Full understanding of one’s own self:

When you stroll along the muddy roads of Kenya, they do not look at you as if they were a resident of another planet. Or you sit at the hospitable table of fishermen from Spain, and people adequately communicate, although you are different from them. Yes, and you understand that it is completely different, and people are different. But Africans do not all live in shacks, with Kalashnikovs, among lions, and kangaroos do not jump through the streets of Melbourne. Stereotypes disappear, there comes an awareness of who you are, and what is similar to other people.


The best books were written under the impression of great travels. The very concept of “bright and rich life” cannot contain life in one city and one house. Find new limits, get out of the comfort zone and develop your brain, so that all.